A full list of updates is maintained here. This page includes all release, beta, alpha, and pre-alpha updates.

(See Updates for a list of updates since the game's release.)

Release Updates

Update 1.1.5

  • Improved error logging when a user loses connection to host to identify potential problems
  • Added Simplified Chinese localization
  • Fixed a bug where the Win Rate would display NaN%
  • Added additional checks on crashes caused by mods so the game points that out

Update 1.1.4

  • Crashes report automatically now, no need to do it manually anymore (this means better bug tracking and more efficient patches)
  • Converted "Rounds Played" and "Wins" into a "Win Rate" percentage
  • Improved AI in Vertigo
  • Made sure all players spawn on different platforms in Vertigo
  • Fixed a weird bug related to the player's position in Speed Run rounds
  • Added additional debug info to the "netcode" debug screen including MatchID
  • Cleaned up unused assets in the game files

Update 1.1.3

  • Several optimizations to tiles and objects in the hopes of pleasing the frame rate gods
  • Fixed several user reported crashes
  • Ability to have per-level timer for Speed Run maps in the editor
  • Collection screen progress bar now tween into place
  • Added a version check when somebody tries to join a server through friend invite
  • Fixed a bug where the falling blocks achievements triggering in the tutorial
  • Added some... eggs
  • Fixed a potential issue with permission of reading/writing startup.ini on certain machines
  • Progression bars in the Statistics screen turn golden upon 100%
  • Fixed the annoying double sound effect bug on hovering over the lobby buttons
  • Added an option to turn off screenshake in the Video Options screen
  • Added a dedicated "Chromatic Aberration" option separated from the Post Processing one
  • Fixed a rare case where the player's rank in Speed Run would glitch out
  • "Rounds Played" counter in the score screen resets after going back to menu
  • Fixed a bug where the "Kabloom" and "Master Avoider" achievements would trigger even if you were dead
  • "Almost There" achievement now displaying the number of steps correctly, and reduced the number of steps from 50k to 30k
  • AA disabled for all presets by default. It can still be turned on manually in the Video Options

Update 1.1.2

  • Fixed a pretty common crash that was caused by the last update
  • Fixed a visual bug where in certain languages, the game mode name would spill out of its frame during Mode Voting
  • In online lobbies, when everybody is ready, a countdown starts before the match begins
  • Fixed the death tile animation loop
  • The collection screen button wiggles if you have freshly new items unlocked
  • Fixed a missing character in the Russian language

Update 1.1.1

  • Fixed a bug that would show the "leveling up" animation in local games
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to get stuck in a ghost lobby without players
  • Added a big number in the background representing how many modes you have to pick in Mode Voting

Update 1.1

  • Added Ukrainian translation
  • Removed the ability to see game invites during Mode Voting
  • Fixed a problem where the game asked you to go through the tutorial again after the "Incompatible GPU" error
  • Optimizations to certain tiles in order to improve framerate
  • Fixed a crash in Sugar Rush
  • Made the lowest video settings not ruin textures so much
  • Prevent character movement through controller from working when the game is not in focus
  • Fixed a bug that caused your controller to rumble when AI was on low health

Update 1.0.9

  • Lowered the chances of incompatible video settings causing the "OpenGL" error on startup
  • Added more log info to "out of memory" crashes for better debugging
  • Fixed a bug where a character remained invisible after a Ghost Scare round
  • Holding down the start button in convention mode will go back to menu
  • Fixed the bad button mapping for Xbox One and wireless Xbox 360 controllers on SteamOS
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong server name and game length in online lobbies

Update 1.0.8

  • Moved the "Host Server" button from the server browser to the "Play Online" screen
  • Fixed the lack of sound on SteamOS
  • Added the ability to use launch commands on SteamOS

Update 1.0.7

  • Improved Falling Blocks networking
  • Made some improvement to prevent "time outs" and loss of connection. Still needs more work!
  • Added an option to set a server password in "play with friends" servers
  • Fixed crash related to Russian translation
  • Fixed various networking crashes
  • Disable a few debug hotkeys so they don't interfere with playing

Update 1.0.6

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to pass the bomb through walls in Bomb Tag

Update 1.0.5

  • Networking improvements to Bomb Tag
  • Networking improvements to Hat Chase

Update 1.0.4

  • Added Slovenian localization
  • Health bars now vibrate when they are close to 0%
  • Display length of game under the server name in lobby
  • Changed some English strings
  • Fixed various obscure crashes
  • Added a bunch of new "Facts" while you wait for the other players online
  • Ability to use "convention" launch option to trigger convention mode
  • Added a note in the Mod Manager to make it more clear that they are local only
  • Fixed bug where in Rocket Run, if you teleported right when you died, you would turn into a black and white ghost

Update 1.0.3

  • Various translations fixes
  • Added some streamers/YouTubers hidden characters

Update 1.0.2

  • Ability to use any type of input in the online lobby (both keyboard and controller)
  • Fixed a crash related to the landing dust effect
  • Hidden goodies
  • Fixed a bug that caused infinite rollover with the controller in online lobbies
  • Slightly lowered the speed of the hat wearer in Hat Chase
  • Removed the temporary tile next to the jump pad in Hat Chase
  • Fixed the bug where global invites would display [unknown] instead of the player's name
  • Improvements to the Russian and Swedish localization

Update 1.0.1

  • Fixed a Steam related crash
  • Added a "Market" button in the Collection screen
  • Fixed a problem with long names being displayed in the lobby
  • Fixed a problem with a bad font in the Russian language
  • Filled the empty string in Russian

Update 1.0

  • New game modes: Fizzle Floor, Rocket Run, Vertigo, Chainsaw Backstab, Cleanup Crew
  • Added 20 new characters
  • Added XP system linked to your Steam account where you can level up
  • Added unlockable characters and game modes as Steam Items when you level up
  • Public mode voting before each match instead of host picking the modes himself
  • Ability to turn into a ghost after you die, slowing down the alive players you run into
  • Implemented podium scoring system (all players gain points every round based on rank)
  • Added the "Collection" screen which keeps track of your bad hoarding habits
  • Added random “Daily Missions” that you can complete in online games for bonus XP
  • Added a learning phase when you first play the game
  • Added user friendly interface for friend invites to your game (without going through the Steam Overlay)
  • Language selection screen when you first open the game + new languages
  • Player slowly automatically inflate in Blow Back over time
  • Screenshake in Blow Back in online games
  • In online games, your screen flashes while you have the bomb in Bomb Tag
  • The health bar of the bomb wearer flashes in sync with the bomb in Bomb Tag
  • Host dictates who was killed when the bomb goes off to avoid conflictions in Bomb Tag
  • Slight changes to the level in Speed Run
  • In online Ghost Scare, it's more obvious where your character is
  • Improved networking in Ghost Scare
  • Changed the hat behavior in Hat Chase: it no longer falls off the wearer, it floats to a new position
  • Added countdown animation for the last 5 seconds in Hat Chase
  • The last candy will float towards the middle point between the last 2 players in Sugar Rush
  • There are now teleporters in Sugar Rush
  • Larger (colored) important buttons in the main menu
  • Added Leaderboards in the Daily Challenge screen
  • Added a big 5 seconds countdown at the end of rounds without sudden death
  • Added clear win / lose conditions in the mode introduction screen
  • Addition of "Winner" text in the score screen above the players
  • Added "Level Up" animation with item unlock screen
  • Added a flashing "Poor connection" sign during a match if the game detects pings higher than 150ms
  • Added a “Almost Winning” message in the score screen when a player is one round away from winning
  • Fixed bug where the blurred background wouldn’t fade out after the instructions screen on low end computers
  • Fixed a problem with lowercase letters in non-Latin languages not capitalizing properly
  • Ability to change the game length while in lobby through a pop-up
  • Player ranks is visible after death instead of health bar
  • Extra clean score screen visible before the final winner screen
  • Visual change of how the characters enter the score screen (in order of local rank)
  • Game modes titles are colored based on their rarity now (all common white for now)
  • "Press A to add AI bot" message added in the local lobby
  • Ability to navigate the UI with a controller in the Server Browser screen
  • Added smooth fade to black transitions between screens
  • Added a “Character Viewer” in the editor
  • XP bar no longer shows up if Steam is not initialized
  • Display English text if a string can’t be found in a different language
  • Server browser will no longer display outdated servers hosted on older versions
  • Points are now displayed instead of the health bar when a player dies in the form of "+5"
  • Display daily missions in the Online screen and in the bottom of "Waiting for players" screen
  • Fixed a bug in online lobbies by adding a “Waiting for Host” pop-up until the host returns
  • Added screen that shows your completed missions at the end of an online match
  • Added a special description for the first character and mode ever unlocked
  • Added a button in the “Play Locally” screen that allows you to play the introduction phase again
  • Moved the “Daily Challenge” to the main menu instead of “Play Online”
  • Changed the way you toggle mods in the Mod Manager and apply them
  • In the score screen, the points you gained show up once your character lands on its tower
  • Highlighted button in lobbies now flash constantly (we still have to fix their hover animation)
  • Improved the “Waiting to spawn” message when you join an on-going match
  • Improved crash screen visually + merged the 2 “report bug” buttons into one
  • Added a “Bugs Found” leaderboard in the crash screen
  • Scanning for servers while there are none hosted will send global invites to anybody who is in the menu
  • Experience
  • Improved the overall online experience
  • Ability to accept game invites with a controller directly in-game (without going through steam’s overlay)
  • More achievements
  • Big improvement to the way clients send movement packets, improving the overall movement in online games
  • Improved the method of adding extra characters in local lobbies, fixing several design problems in the process
  • Temporarily removed the ability to have multiple local players in an online game
  • Added an online movement smoothing system to iron out the jittery-ness of a poor connection
  • Changed the number of rounds to "minutes" so the player can pick how long a game will last
  • Added the red vignette in online games to make it clearer when you are about to die
  • Added controller rumble when you are almost out of health
  • Improved the way knockback works in online games so it no longer feels like there is any input delay
  • Improved “Awareness” animation when the round starts to point out your character
  • Distinctive sound effect when you kill a player online
  • Ability to turn into a ghost in online games unlocked at level 6
  • Added the new modes in the Daily Challenge rotation
  • A new player joining a server will overwrite an AI Bot
  • Idle players in both local and online games will be kicked out after 2 rounds
  • Awesome “unboxing” animation when you unlock a new item… we seriously love this one :D
  • Fixed those annoying bugs that took most of our development time
  • Finally fixed the annoying “Missing MSVCP110.dll” bug that prevented the game from running on various systems
  • Fixed crash related to the parsing of the language .csv file
  • Fixed several bugs related to public mode voting, specifically player connecting and disconnecting during voting
  • Fixed softlock where client left during score screen
  • Reduced the chance to “Lost connection to host”
  • Fixed softlock where client left before the "new player joined" notification
  • Fixed bug related to the shooting sound in Jump Shot
  • Fixed bug related to "time's up" in online games not being properly synced
  • Fixed bug where the cat's eyeball disappeared
  • Fixed bug where jump sounds would play at the end of an online round
  • Fixed bug related to the blurred background during score
  • Fixed bug that wouldn't allow you to skip the level up screen with a controller
  • Fixed bug where the pirate's inflated body would have a different skin color
  • Fixed bug where the "Move or Die" text at the beginning of the round would glitch out
  • Fixed bug where reconnecting to a server would cause in your game to softlock
  • Fixed bug related to AI navigation meshes in editor
  • Fixed bug where daily missions would repeat from one day to another
  • Fixed bug where the tower winner glow wasn’t aligned properly on the X axis
  • Fixed de-sync problem with winner screen where client would be softlocked in it
  • Fixed various broken localized strings
  • If the connection to an online host is lost, the game will send you back to the main menu, instead of creating a ghost server
  • Audio
  • Added a real time low-pass filter in-game
  • Lowpass effect on background music during score screen
  • New soundtrack composed by Jacob Lincke
  • Improved the sync for the song loops, they no longer get out of sync
  • Improved Mission Unlocked sound effect
  • Improved XP gain sound effect
  • Improved Jump Tile sound effect
  • Updated splash screen
  • Added the ability to easily offset a character's face with a simple .ini file
  • Implemented better error reporting data for corrupted image files
  • Added the first character with 4 legs, Furball
  • Unlinked the simulation from the frame rate
  • Bigger particles when you teleport
  • Removed auto-mode-picking when the timer hits 0 in mode voting for local games
  • Multiple players can now pick the same character in the same game
  • Made leveling up exponential up to level 6 followed by a fixed XP after that
  • Fixed a bug where the password would always return invalid after joining a server
  • Added a rarity system where you get a random item (based on its rarity) each time you level up
  • The highlight goes to your character's "Ready" button in lobbies after you add an AI Bot
  • The highlight goes to your character's "Customize" button after joining an online lobby
  • Improved the way the pupils move so they don't lag behind anymore; same for their masks
  • Improved game mode drafting system (less chances to get the same mode multiple times in a row)
  • Hopefully fixed the possibility of getting stuck inside the ground or wall in online games
  • Prevent the clients from being forced back to menu if the host disconnects after the winner screen
  • Fixed a problem that caused other players in online games to rotate for a few frames in random directions due to bad interpolation
  • Buttons are now synced in online games, which means no more out-of-sync toggle tiles
  • Pivot doors visually open when they are unlocked instead of just becoming white
  • Fixed a bug where the contents of the collection screen would mess up after the player changes the resolution
  • Improved the way XP is confirmed and allocated after a match
  • Fixed the blurred background during the instructions screen not fading out in time
  • Improvements to “convention mode”
  • Fixed bug that caused certain UI elements to disappear after changing video settings
  • The game window is now centered to the screen when you change the resolution and display mode
  • Fixed a bug where the tutorial “Health” arrow wasn’t being removed after exiting the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where you could use another player’s character by joining their server and then hosting one yourself
  • No more stuttering or freezes when you open the Collection screen because of thumbnails
  • Limit IP input box to 22 characters so it doesn’t cause messed up scrolling anymore (same for the server names displayed in the lobby)
  • Changed the text color and contents in the crash screen if any mod is enabled
  • Added a hidden pirate language somewhere in the game
  • Replaced the "Credits" icon to avoid confusion with the Xbox One info button
  • Fixed bug when accepting an invite while being in a different lobby
  • Limit console logs to 1000 lines to prevent memory leaks
  • Made sure usernames won’t wrap in the score screen
  • Game mode threats that include randomness will favor the highest scoring player, therefore targeting him (like the bomb in Bomb Tag and the rocket in Rocket Run)
  • Daily Challenge bots now use random characters instead of the generic colored ones
  • The Daily challenge “Begin” button now blinks when the challenge is open
  • Fixed a bug where two song loops would play on top of each other at the same time
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t scroll to the first item in a list using a controller
  • Ability to “go back to menu” if you start the tutorial manually
  • Delayed respawning of characters in the editor
  • Fixed a crash when the game couldn’t find a mod thumbnail
  • Only friends that own Move or Die show up in the “Invite Friends” list
  • Improved the pupil mask position in healthbars so there is no offset anymore
  • Friends that are in the same lobby with you won’t show up in the friends list to prevent annoying invites from being sent
  • In the language selection screen, players can’t select a language for the first 2 seconds to prevent unintentional input
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to select an item outside of a list with the mouse
  • Items in lists no longer highlight while a pop-up is on the screen
  • Fixed a problem where player 1 was re-added to the lobby after going back from the “game rules” screen
  • Video splash screens instead of static image ones

Beta Updates

Beta 0.4.4

  • Faster moving ghosts in Ghost Scare
  • Made the game start in Borderless mode by default
  • Fixed crash when local player tried to jump in the middle of a local game
  • Fixed bug with Steam mods unable to be loaded

Beta 0.4.3

  • Added German, Polish, French, Portugese and Romanian support. More languages in the following updates
  • New post-death ghost mechanic. Now you can still run around after you explode, slowing down the players that touch you
  • Fixed a crash in the Ghost Scare and Hat Chase modes
  • Improved online drop-in stability during an on-going match
  • Better matchmaking system
  • Improved the behavior of Teleporters and Temp Tiles in online matches
  • Lines in the score screen to show how close you are to winning
  • Improved the quality of the “Time’s Up”, “Draw” and “Sudden Death” animations
  • Reduced freeze frames between rounds by pre-loading sound effects
  • Separated mods in the Mod Manager by category
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Improved various UI and HUD items, replacing English words with intuitive symbols
  • Removed English words from tutorial animations
  • Improved character outline to be higher quality
  • Fixed ghost characters problem related to unknown files present in the “Characters” folder
  • Improved awareness arrow animation
  • Less force required to stomp a player in the Stomp mode
  • New “Player Joined” animation when a new player jumps in the game
  • Fixed host advantage in the Falling Blocks mode
  • Candy radiation to make them more noticeable in Sugar Rush

Beta 0.4.2

  • Added the ability to record and replay movements in the editor
  • Fixed borderless mode on multiple monitors
  • Fixed various crashes in both the game and the editor
  • Fixed lib compatibility with 64bit Ubuntu

Beta 0.4.1

  • Mac and Linux compatibility
  • Improved music mods. They will now only loop the modded in-game loops, regardless of how many there are
  • Added movement particle dust
  • Redesigned the score screen’s “Next Game” section
  • Mod manager list no longer scrolls with the cursor
  • Teleporter sound no longer plays twice
  • Fixed various crashed in both the editor and the game
  • Links now open in Steam overlay opposed to browser
  • Fixed that bug that made the bomb explode instantly

Beta 0.4

  • Level editor
  • Steam Workshop integration
  • Daily Challenge system (with badges)
  • (Invisible) XP leveling up system
  • New game modes: Hat Chase, Ghost Scare, Jump Shot
  • New level file system (supports custom assets now)
  • Mod manager polish (proper scrolling)
  • Fixed various Sugar Rush online client bugs
  • Fixed annoying clicking sound when the game opens
  • Fixed bug where the background color would shift randomly during a transition
  • Added support for video playback (replaced all the game mode tutorial animations with video ones + new menu background)
  • Added game modes tutorial videos in the game modes selection screen
  • Disabled all mods in online play for security reasons
  • Added "No servers found" text in server browser
  • Added "Invite friends" button in online lobby
  • Improved screenshake and particles
  • Improved AI with nav meshes auto-generated by the editor
  • Separated resolution and audio settings for the editor
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash because it was loading sound effects in a certain order

Beta 0.3.6

  • Mod manager (mod submission coming up next)
  • Changed the structure of the menu
  • Redesigned winner screen
  • Fixed various aspect ratio hitbox problems
  • New countdown animation at the beginning of a round
  • Pop up titles are now animated

Beta 0.3.5

  • Linux (note: joining friends through launch command doesn’t work yet)
  • Ultra-wide resolutions support (note: they don’t show up in the video options, either set it to “native” or change it from startup.ini manually. Some button hitboxes are still off)
  • Added warning pop-up if the graphics card doesn’t support shaders or canvases to avoid confusion

Beta 0.3.4

  • Added ability to customize your server name
  • Ability to password protect your server
  • Removed password protected servers from the Quick Match
  • Changed Stomp so it works only when falling
  • Randomized loading animations in the pop ups
  • Fixed lobby flashing after the loading screen
  • Online lobby displays the server name now
  • Increased the interpolation value and decreased the extrapolation one
  • Fixed bug in Sugar Rush where the candies wouldn’t be properly synced across an online game
  • Fixed bug in online Bomb Tag where the bomb would keep beeping on the client side after the round ended

Beta 0.3.3

  • Fixed problem where the game would crash when a client joined a server
  • Disabled the AI Bots button for clients in online servers

Beta 0.3.2

  • AI is multithreaded now so it doesn't impact performance anymore
  • Smarter AI when it comes to avoiding and chasing (see bomb tag)
  • Smoother transition between game modes with blurred backgrounds
  • Pop ups now blur everything behind them
  • Facts when waiting for other playerrs are now more obvious
  • Teleporting has a small delay now and awesome particles to show the exit point
  • Added particle beams to buttons to make it clear what doors they open
  • Fixed bug where the Sugar Rush timer wouldn't kill the remaining players
  • Reduced the act of adding an AI Bot from 3 clicks to 1
  • Fixed the problem where Sugar Rush was stuck on 0 in the statistics screen

Beta 0.3.1

  • Fixed AI in Sugar Rush
  • Optimized shaders and draw calls so the game runs better
  • Improved the randomization algorithm for selecting game modes

Beta 0.3.0

  • Updated main menu background
  • Health bars now enter the screen smoothly after countdown
  • When you die, your health tweens outside of the screen
  • Health bar will now display a "Move or Die" animation when you die because you didn't move
  • Score towers have sound effects now
  • Tweaks to previous achievements, "Master" ones take 500 rounds instead of 1000 now
  • Cursor no longer flickers in the menu and it turns into a hand while hovering over sliders in the options menu
  • Fixed crash when changing the game's resolution
  • "Press any button on the controller to join" text no longer shows up in online games

Beta 0.2.11

  • Changes to various levels for multiple game modes
  • You can now use "Join IP" to connect to a server
  • Join IP pop up now focuses on the input field when opened
  • Join IP field only takes numbers and dots now
  • Moving the blinking line in an input field works properly now
  • Mouse cursor turns into a text editing one over input fields
  • You can now close the input pop up with "Esc" even though the field is in focus
  • Various other input field related bugs & problems fixed

Beta 0.2.10

  • Fixed obscure networking crash during LAN matches of 3+ players
  • Made health bars flash when you die due to lack of health
  • Fixed bug where the controller would vibrate for too long during winner screen
  • Ability to Alt+F4 out of the crash screen
  • Exploding now affects props around you
  • Fixed painfully obscure problem with alien files being considered characters
  • Greyed out certain menu buttons if Steam is not initialized
  • Menu buttons no longer activate if you mouse up outside of their hitbox
  • Mouse cursor is now hidden during matches
  • Fixed missing hover sound effects for buttons in the menu
  • Game no longer sometimes start in score screen instead of an actual round
  • Fixed problem where you could double jump off a jump tile
  • Added "Unsaved changes" pop up to the rules screen
  • Fixed bug where you could control the AI Bots with their respective keys
  • The leader crown is displayed correctly in online lobbies now
  • Fixed various problems related to syncing characters skins online
  • Your highlighted button no longer changes in the lobby when a new player joins
  • Pop ups that only have a "cancel" option now display the controller prompt properly
  • Various other bug fixes

Beta 0.2.9

  • Menu music no longer plays in-game
  • Fixed “Play Online” state crash
  • Fixed another “compare number with nil” bug
  • Game window is now centered after the resolution is changed
  • Fixed obscure crash in bomb mode where the bomb would make the game explode if the target disappeared
  • Renamed “Fine Details” option to “Texture Resolution” in the video options
  • Fixed a crash related to kicking somebody out of a lobby

Beta 0.2.8

  • Pausing in single player is better now (no more broken countdown and bomb timer)
  • Player’s name is now displayed in the score screen
  • Fixed bug where the awareness text above the player got stuck on the screen
  • Added even more dumb facts during “Waiting for other players”

Beta 0.2.7

  • The first bot no longer turns into a human player after a match
  • Fixed problem where bots would re-appear in the lobby after going to the game rules screen and back
  • Fixed asset flickers that happened on the top left of the screen while navigating the menu
  • Fixed “Songs” crash
  • Added randomized facts during “Waiting for other players” screen
  • Merged “Fullscreen” and “Borderless” video options in a single “Display Mode” one

Beta 0.2.6

  • Temporarily disabled manual window resizing due to aspect ratio problems
  • Added protection against hosting a server when your game version is out of date.
  • Fixed F11 crash (it copies your PC specs to clipboard)

Beta 0.2.5

  • Fixed the cursed “Winning Joe” crash which happened when a third player joined mid-game rendering himself invisible to the second player
  • Fixed another possible crash when kicking a player in the lobby

Beta 0.2.4

  • Fixed crash when the game was trying to display a player’s name that contains any funky characters
  • Added player markers to know who you are when a round starts
  • Added debug checks for previous crashes to gain further information

Beta 0.2.3

  • Fixed missing MSCR119.dll error on startup
  • Fixed crash where the game was trying to remove a non-existant box 2D body (specifically paint particles)
  • Game should no longer explode when you join mid game and a Bomb Tag round comes up
  • Color Craze no longer “Time’s Up” instead of “Draw”

Beta 0.2.2

  • The characters in the Falling Blocks animation no longer go through each other, are you happy now?
  • Player no longer gets removed from the lobby after going in and out of it
  • Game version now present in all states of the menu (bottom left)

Beta 0.2.1

  • Implemented out of date pop-up in the menu
  • No more runtime errors
  • Blow Back animations are now more responsive for clients in online games
  • Patched even more memory leaks
  • Fixed glitch where the AI Bots buttons would remain in the lobby after exiting and joining

Alpha Builds

Alpha 0.1.17

  • Fixed problem where antivirus programs were removing the executable
  • If a player joins a lobby where an AI Bot once was, he is no longer considered a bot
  • Prevent a nil crash in “Button Group”
  • Analytics log in the background after the game is closed, preventing the freeze before quitting.


  • Fixed annoying "Extra Bytes" UTF-8 crash caused by invalid characters in packets

Alpha 0.1.16

  • Fixed constant “Time out” bug when attempting to join an online match
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Bomb Tag Mode no longer crashes and explodes
  • Improved Bomb Tag AI
  • Added analytics

Alpha 0.1.15

  • Improved AI Bots
  • Added crash dump when the game stops responding (Love crash)
  • Fixed problem with statistics screen where text would dissapear on non 1080p resolutions
  • Fixed problem where you couldn’t skip the instructions with a controller in an online match
  • Joining an in-progress online game will now display the correct score for each player

Alpha 0.1.14

  • Bots no longer cause frame drops
  • Fixed minor bug where the scroll bar was still visible in the video options screen when the advanced options weren't expanded
  • Added "Stats Screen" that tracks individual values for each game mode + some other goodies
  • Added basic progress achievements tied to the stats
  • Fixed problem where AI Bots were turning into human players after changing the game modes

Alpha 0.1.13

  • Ability to invite a friend to an online game via Steam
  • Winner screen time reduced
  • AI Bots no longer get mysteriously removed from the lobby after a match

Alpha 0.1.12

  • Game no longer explodes when you go back from the server list screen after a match
  • Player movement should be smoother online now
  • Fixed various menu crashes

Alpha 0.1.11

  • Added loading animation in "Waiting" pop-ups
  • Fixed crash when you tried to refresh the server list (the list auto refreshes itself)
  • Server gets properly removed from the list now
  • Fixed "Blow Back" description visual bug
  • AI Bots no longer attempt to hain conscience and convert themselves into humans after each match

Alpha 0.1.10

  • Fixed various controller navigation problems

Alpha 0.1.8

  • Ability to host servers without port forwarding
  • Ability to join mid game
  • Fixed various aspect ratio problems

Pre-Alpha Builds

Pre-Alpha 0.0.56

  • Fixed background dissapearing when changing resolution
  • Fixed pivot door crashing when rotated then deleted
  • Fixed offset hitboxes for different aspect ratios (still work in progress)
  • Created a Joe:SetSkin function, you can now play with any character or make your own
  • Added more threads for the initial menu loading, should be noticeably faster now

Pre-Alpha 0.0.55

  • Added a lot of visual and sound cues when inflating Joe in Blow Back mode
  • Made inflating by pressing X (or down on keyboard) instead of time based
  • Added the shockwave shader

Pre-Alpha 0.0.54

  • Updated the way Love2D gets unpacked on macs
  • Added "Player Control" option in party mode
  • Added "Blow Back" minigame

Pre-Alpha 0.0.53

  • Extra Minigames
  • Ability to skip score screen
  • Improved typography in score screen
  • Better looking timer
  • Fixed bug where extra Joe sometimes appeared in the score screen
  • Fixed the tutorial animation leaking memory
  • Ability to control Joe with the D-pad
  • Fixed bug where turning off shaders crashed the game

Pre-Alpha 0.0.52

  • Added glorious shiny crown for winner
  • Added proper controller support and refactored code
  • Ability to drop in and drop out of party mode in real time
  • Improved Score Screen UI
  • Improved minigame title instructions UI

Pre-Alpha 0.0.51

  • Chromatic abberation effect on the sides of the screen
  • Everything is now rendered on a canvas to allow for post-processing effects
  • Real time updating shader function in Src/Auto.lua

Pre-Alpha 0.0.50

  • Launcher no longer logs you out
  • Joe is now wearing a construction helmet and belt in the editor
  • Console appears everywhere, not only in-game
  • Game print output automatically goes to in-game console on Mac and Linux
  • Fixed items attatched to Joe not rotating with him
  • Added basic functionalities to party mode

Pre-Alpha 0.0.49

  • Fixed bug where you couldn't add new custom assets in the Mods folder
  • Fixed entities not working in playlists
  • Fixed crash related to the editor's save window text field.
  • Fixed various bugs related to the Flappy Joe level

Pre-Alpha 0.0.48

  • The game no longer screws up the format of startup.ini
  • Game no longer fails to launch on Macs due to
  • Fixed bug where tiles set to "never restart on death" wouldn't restart when you switch between editor and test mode

Pre-Alpha 0.0.47

  • Added the ability to prevent a box, and normal or time button from restarting on death
  • Fixed problem where DXT compression is not supported, uses PNG instead
  • Error log now includes DXT compatibility report
  • Fixed the "Downloading missing files" crashing on Mac/Linux
  • Fixed Joe's slope glitch on half-step tiles

Pre-Alpha 0.0.46

  • Fixed infamous "inputField" crash
  • Added ability to change monitor (buggy in fullscreen mode)
  • Launcher's note now flashes when there is an update
  • Crash report now takes the correct game settings

Pre-Alpha 0.0.45

  • Fixed problem where the console crashed after being closed while playing a level
  • Fixed problem where "Mouselock" wasn't working properly
  • Flipped background assets now scale correctly
  • Launcher no longer crashes if you have a controller plugged in
  • Menu will no longer be "dark" after exiting a level or the editor.
  • Submit a bug button now opens the bitbucket issue tracker instead of the in-game window that sometimes didn't work
  • Custom crash screen now has a "Copy to clipboard" button which allows you to copy the error log including extra information about the error,game and your computer.

Pre-Alpha 0.0.44

  • Camera no longer breaks after finishing a playlist
  • Level artefacts no longer show up in editor after playing a playlist
  • Half tiles are no longer considered full tiles and the background can pass through them
  • Added graphics card info in the error log, and updated the error screen
  • Fixed the FlappyJoe mod and now the score restarts on death (and it doesn't crash)
  • Added asset caching and changed the way
  • Added old Flash Joe voice lines
  • Mastered the previous voice lines to keep the volume consistent
  • Launcher no longer changes startup.ini only by opening the settings screen
  • FPS Cap now takes it's value from startup.ini
  • Added asset cache-ing annd changed the way
  • "Texture Quality" works (now it actually reduces memory usage)

Pre-Alpha 0.0.43

  • Ability to prevent a door from restarting on death (right click menu)
  • Defined Party Mode as "Work in progress"
  • Launcher folder button opens the correct game folder now
  • Launcher resolution shows "Native" instead of 0x0

Pre-Alpha 0.0.42

  • Game launches in native resolution and borderless mode
  • Mouselock is on by default
  • Scroll bars no longer crash the game
  • Added "Playlist" button in main menu
  • Added editor tutorial videos in the editor
  • Added game version number in the main menu
  • Fixed bug where the game crashed when you tried to save a level

Pre-Alpha 0.0.41

  • Fixed crash with the "Special Action"
  • Added "Invisible Light Source"
  • Added generic description to all lights
  • Removed the need to hold shift to place multiple tiles
  • Revamped the entire menu, everything from scratch.
  • Compatibility with controllers and keyboard

Pre-Alpha 0.0.40

  • Added "padinput true" command in the console
  • Temporarily disabled slope detection because it was too unstable
  • Cursor hides in play mode after 1 second of idle
  • Added pupils to Joe's expression in the health bar (made them follow Joe on screen)
  • Fixed problem where the game wouldn't run if there is a dot in the folder name

Pre-Alpha 0.0.39

  • Custom cursors for each editor tool
  • Fixed bug where level description wouldn't show up when you "Save as new level"
  • Fixed problem where the "Nodding Span" slider didn't update in real time
  • Updated the range graphic for the sound effect target
  • Ability to add\remove controllers while playing without having to restart the game
  • Added controller vibration on death
  • Added Gravity Action
  • Added "Level Margin" feature where tiles outside the Entry\Exit points don't get loaded in play mode
  • Added slope detection for Joe
  • Added icon name and version to the game's window
  • When you load a level in the editor, the camera centers on the Entry point
  • Fixed bug where tile dragging wouldn't work 100% of the time

Pre-Alpha 0.0.38

  • Upgraded to Love 0.9 framework! (This means great improvements overall)
  • Migrated from lua to love file system (fixing cross OS compatibility problems)
  • Added a "mac.command" file that allows the game to run on mac
  • Voice lines and sound effects stop when you switch between editor and test mode
  • Voice lines and sound effects no longer stop when you die
  • Ability to move camera while placing a tile, a bg asset or a wire
  • Fixed bug where the description of the level wasn't saved on level overwrite
  • Fixed bug where "Back to menu" window wasn't click-able after loading a level
  • Fixed bug where the volume of a sound effect wouldn't save
  • Fixed bug where you could place white tiles and lights over eachother
  • Improved white and fence tiles modular behaviour

Pre-Alpha 0.0.37

  • Ability to load levels from the "Level settings" window
  • Made the "description" column in main menu load level list work
  • Improved read-ablity on fonts at smaller resolutions
  • Fixed bug where the lifebar wouldn't appear after loading a level
  • Fixed bug where you could place events behind UI and get buttons stuck
  • Ability to flip tiles after placing them in the level
  • Added a 0.5 seconds respawn delay to boxes when the level restarts
  • Ability to select and wire multiple tiles together at once
  • Increased default resolution to 1280x720
  • Set default mouselock to false (You can change this from the startup.ini)
  • Ability to jump a fraction of a second after falling off a platform

Pre-Alpha 0.0.36

  • Fixed crash if "T" was pressed while having the "New level" window opened.
  • Tile selection tower's possition no longer resets after collapsing.
  • Added ability to delete background assets with the "delete" key.
  • Fixed one way door collision bug
  • Markers now follow your cursor while you place tiles
  • Ctrl+N shortcut creates a new level in the editor
  • Added hotkey "space bar" to move the camera to the entry point
  • Ability to delete levels from within the editor

Pre-Alpha 0.0.35

  • Added ability to submit a bug from main menu
  • Prevented bug reports if input fields are empty
  • Fixed bug where the nodding animation would get stuck
  • Added ability to report bugs from within the game
  • Fixed problem where game wouldn't run on a 32 bit OS
  • Fixed problem where the game wouldn't run if there was a space in the folder's name
  • Removed "B" debug key

Pre-Alpha 0.0.34

  • Added colored outlines to tiles in action mode
  • Added outlines to dynamic objects in target placing mode for highlighting
  • Added level recovery window on editor startup if game crashed
  • Added level saving animation in the bottom right corner
  • Added saving and loading hotkeys: ctrl+s and ctrl+l