A local match works like an online match, except it is played locally, rather than with other people online. You can either play a Couch Party match, allowing other players to play on the same keyboard as you or with a controller, or a LAN Party match, allowing other players to play on separate computers on the same network.

Four sets of controls are available to accommodate four players on one keyboard, each set has 2 direction controlls (left and right), jump key (up), action key (down) and select key (additional) :

  • Up, Left, Down, Right, and Enter/Return
  • W, A, S, D and E
  • I, J, K, L and O
  • T, F, G, H, and Y

Like an online match, you can play with up to 3 other players or AI bots; players can choose their character from the characters the host player has in their Steam inventory, while AI bots use a randomly selected character from this list. Unlike an online match, however, all gamemodes are available to choose regardless of whether or not the host player has unlocked them. This makes local matches useful for testing out new modes you haven't seen before. You can choose same number of minigames as game lenght. If you don't choose any minigame, in game will appear a random minigame from full list.

From version 7 you can choose color in customize menu and form teams (blue, orange, pink and green).